BIM [ barivion inventory MANAGEMENT ]

Barivion Inventory Management 

Discover the most important part of your network!

Finally, network documentation becomes easy!

Your IT network will finally become what you have been looking for for a long time with little installation effort: safe and well documented! No more elaborate and manually generated documentation, no more distributed systems. Get everything from one source with RiverSuite Inventory. From documentation to monitoring – all in one. 

BIM Advantages 

Visibility is most for hardware & software assets!

Good documentation saves time and money in the long term, because, for example, adjustments or problems can be targeted and the training of new employees reduces resources.


– Complete documentation of the in-house IT
– Individual adaptation of the reporting
– Low running costs
– High reliability

Your customer loyalty: PRICELESS!

Do you need more detail?

Test our product yourself!

Good solutions for your business!

We are in the field of IT for more than three decades, therefore we understand the challenges IT experts and business owners have, Barivion Inventory Management is easy to install and to use as part of our Complete suite, moreover the solution price structure is to meet every segment budget expectation.

we would encourage you to arrange a DEMO with us and see it yourself.

How is the licensing?

Barivion products are licensed as per a number of devices you want to manage or protect, however, we have this flexibility of offering Perpetual license for larger clients, or clients looking for more features and buy the bundle or full features product.

Can I have Full Demo License?

Yes, we always believe testing our products within your environment is very important, we want to make sure we have fixed all the challenges before you purchase the product.

Is there are any training how to use the solution?

Yes, you will receive an online training for a limited time for FREE as well as access to our user manuals and guides, if you need more in-depth training we can arrange that too, however, our solution is very easy to use.